The recent fiasco over the Kerry - Lugar Bill and the aftermath that followed, had forced the American government to rush over senior diplomats and politicians to 'explain and remove the misconception, misunderstanding and apprehensions about the Bill, which are shared by many Pakistanis, including our army generals. All this Tamasha and embarrassment for the government and the humiliation of our well manicured, smartly dressed, polished, educated and articulate Foreign Minister, could easily have been avoided, if the government had taken the military and the opposition on board and our high profile FM had not tried to be the 'Belle of the Ball and wear all the crown jewels alone. And the revelation that his son was an understudy in the office of Senator Kerry, while the KL Bill was being drafted and finalised, also added fuel to the already burning fire and provided more ammunition to the opposition and the media. But then, governments in Pakistan never follow this simple formula and always try and bulldoze their plans and policies and once a hue and cry is raised, they spring into action and try and do damage control. The recent with drawl and shelving of the BLACK NRO is a classic example of how ill advised the President is by his advisors. And this time, even the Americans were caught off guard and what they thought was a gift to the people of Pakistan, was received by us with suspicion, like the Greek Trojan Horse bearing gifts, and we were warned to 'Beware of the Americans bearing gifts and was rejected with strong objections and protests. It seems that the Americans, despite of their failed policies in SE Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq, have still not learned from history or their past mistakes. They still continue to support democratically elected leaders, both military or civilian, as long as they are prepared to sing and dance to their tune. They seem to have forgotten the words of the old, popular Beatle song, that 'Money cant buy you love nor win the 'hearts and minds of those poor and desperate citizens whose houses have been destroyed and who have lost their loved ones in brutal drone attacks and bombings. The Americans fail to understand that you cannot win the trust and respect of people by just pumping money into corrupt governments, led by corrupt and incompetent leaders who have lost their credibility even with their own citizens. In fact, such 'aid can be counter productive, as it has a negative effect and destroys the credibility and the intentions of the Americans, a fact that was well portrayed in the 60s Marlon Brando film, The Ugly American. After suffering huge losses, both financially and in human lives, the Americans were forced to withdraw from the region, something they might be forced to do in Afghanistan and Iraq. They fail to understand that in our region, honor, pride and tradition are fundamental values which cannot be compromised upon. Our learned FM, Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who hails from the proud and historic city of Multan, should have known better. He should have advised the Americans that the only way to 'win the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of a failed democracy like Pakistan, is to respect its sovereignty and help the government to establish good governance and provide the citizens with basic amenities of life, that allows them to live in dignity and honor. And even now, after four decades, they have made the same mistake and tried the same 'money will buy you love technique that they had used with Musharraf. They had pumped billions of dollars into Pakistan for nine years and ended with nothing to show for it. Instead of communism, they now face the Taliban as their enemy, who have turned out to be far more dangerous, as they have brought the war to their streets and doorsteps. And the jungles of SE Asia have been replaced by the rugged mountains of NWFP and Afghanistan and the hot, deserts of Iraq. If the charming US Secretary of State had thought that she could win our hearts and minds with her razzle-dazzle, 7.3 billion dollar smile, then she was sadly mistaken. Our leading TV anchors, the new breed of Turks of our TV channels, who may not be as experienced as the good lady and had not done their home work well, still bombarded her with some hard questions. The Americans have finally admitted that the US had wronged Pakistan, as their policies had been incoherent and 'inconsistent. Unfortunately, due to these 'inconsistent policies, we have become the most dangerous country in the world and have lost five generations and stand to loose yet another. These flawed global policies have also sown the seeds of terrorism in the entire region and our 'fragile governments, instead of saying NO to these 'inconsistent policies, have meekly toed the line and have made us the sacrificial lambs. One appreciates the 'Dear Dairy confessions, but by just 'turning a new page, is not going to heal the sufferings and the scars of our people. What the Americans need to do is, tear out all the pages of their policy on Pakistan and rewrite the entire book. And a 'take it or leave it attitude is not going to help rewrite a any new policy. Hopefully, the days of wine and roses, the big, fat Cuban cigars, bullet proof cars, etc., are finally over, as AZ and his government have realized that the party is over and have withdrawn behind the delicate walls of their shaky ivory towers, to regroup and rethink their strategy to stay in power and stabilize their fragile government. The KL Bill is aimed to increase our aid to US$ 7.3 billion, but with many colorful ribbons tied to it, which require 'rigorous oversight and auditing. Well why not, because as they say, 'you can not fool all the people all the time, especially the Americans and there is no such thing as a free lunch any more. So in the larger interest of our nation and our hungry, homeless, illiterate, unhealthy and deprived citizens, let us be honest and realistic and stop behaving like the proverbial monkeys. Let us call a spade, a spade and admit that our system of governance stinks and is riddled with corruption, mismanagement and incompetence. We must therefore ensure that the funds that are being provided to us by the Americans, are not misused again and spent only on the citizens of Pakistan. Because if the government fails to provide 'roti, kapra and makan, as promised by ZAB five decades ago, even now, then this will be PPPs Last Hurrah. And we will be witnessing the creation of a new breed of monsters, who will start a domino effect in the entire region that neither the mightiest army in the world nor an arsenal of nukes will be able to stop. H. Maker. (Email: