WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Al-Qaeda released a new videotape from its leader Osama bin Laden on Friday, said IntelCenter, a US-based terrorism monitoring firm. On Nov 6, 2009, Al-Qaedas as-Sahab Media released a new video from Osama, it said without giving further details. Meanwhile, the new tape is the Pashto-language version of a tape released several months ago, said IntelCenter. The tape, titled To Our People in Pakistan, was broadly released in Arabic and Urdu on July 12, IntelCenter said. Excerpts had been aired by the Al Jazeera television network on June 3, it added. Earlier on Friday, IntelCenter had said Al-Qaedas as-Sahab Media had released a new video from bin Laden. In his remarks broadcast by Al Jazeera in June, Saudi-born bin Laden said US President Barack Obama had planted the seeds of 'revenge and hatred towards the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences. In an audio message posted on an Islamist website in September, Osama warned Americans over their governments close ties with Israel. Osama is believed to be hiding in the mountainous border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. More than 60 messages have been broadcast from bin Laden, his second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri and their allies since Al-Qaedas September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.