ISLAMABAD - Setting aside diplomatic rules and regulations, Principal Officer of US Consulate Peshawar, E. Candace Putnam, is openly holding talks with senior government officials and heads of law enforcement agencies without bringing the matter in the knowledge of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TheNation has reliably learnt. However, E. Candace Putnam faced a tough time on Saturday when she was refused meeting with NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti without getting prior clearance from the Foreign Office. According to details, the CM Secretariat received a request from Putnam seeking a meeting with CM NWFP but the Secretariat asked the US diplomat to seek permission in this regard from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, Putnam reached CM Secretariat without getting clearance from the Foreign Office. Upon this, Principal Staff Officer to NWFP CM, Captain (r) Majeed Niazi, immediately contacted Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sought permission of the said meeting, well-informed sources informed TheNation. The CM Secretariat received clearance from the Ministry via fax just within seven minutes and thus Hoti held meeting with Putnam. According to diplomatic rules and regulations, diplomats are required to seek permission from Ministry of Foreign Affairs before meeting with office-bearers of the host country. According to the sources, E Candace Putnam held meetings with CCPO Peshawar and other officials of NWFP police during the last week without getting permission from the Ministry.