LAHORE The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) governing board has approved a budget of Rs 1.45 billion for the year 2009-10 after a delay of about five months. The approval was disclosed in the meeting held here at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) under the chairmanship of PCB chief Ijaz Butt on Saturday and was attended by Director General Javed Miandad, Wazir Ali Khoja and representatives of four regions Mian Munir, Dr Mohammad Ali Shah, Shakeel Sheikh and Hayat Chaman. While Pakistan team coach Intikhab Alam and manager Abdul Raquib, who are in Abu Dhabi with the team, did not attend the meeting. Later, Wazir Ali Khoja presided over the second session of the meeting after Ijaz Butt had to leave to attend a funeral. During the second session, Miandad presented the new domestic cricket structure before the house. Later talking to media, Khoja said that the governing board has approved the PCB budget with consensus and that also included the past five month expenses. There has relatively been decline in the boards resources, all due to the refusal of foreign teams to play in Pakistan and for that problem, the budget includes Rs 830 million interest and Rs 620 million deficit, he added. The current budget is not the final ward and changes are possible according to the situation. If the PCB resources increased, the budget would also increase, he added. He said that the members have some reservations on the briefing given by Miandad on domestic structure and for that a three-member committee led by the director general with Shakeel Sheikh and Dr Mohammad Ali Shah as members has been formed to further deliberate on the subject and give its report by December 15 to give final shape to the structure. He further said that new regional members inclusion in the governing board will take place only after chief patron Asif Ali Zardari give his approval.