KARACHI - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to make the SIM information enquiry 668 free in order to facilitate the mobile subscribers more than usual, sources told The Nation. It was told that the inquiry charges are Rs 2/- and to facilitate the currently 95.54m mobile subscribers PTA has decided to make this service available on free basis, so the subscribers could check how many SIMs have been registered against their CNIC. The SIM information system 668 was officially launched by the Secretary IT formally inaugurated in October in Lahore just to enable the mobile subscribers to know the total number of SIMs issued against their respective CNIC number with each mobile operator. It is pertinent to mention that the cellular segment leads the share in total teledensity, currently stands at 61.80pc, followed by Fixed Land Line (FLL) with 3.5m subscribers and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) with 2.6m total subscribers. He said that every mobile user can know number of SIMs issued against his CNIC with the mobile company name by sending his CNIC number without dashes and spaces to 668 through SMS. Rs2/- will be charged on each SMS which is inclusive of all taxes. In case of unauthorised numbers against his CNIC number, a consumer would get the data corrected from the concerned mobile operator, which reportedly has not been the case at all. The unauthorised SIM owners are advised to register the SIM in their names within seven days of notification from concerned Customer Services Center otherwise their calling facility will be stopped after thirteen days and the SIM will be completely blocked after seventeen days of that notice. Chairman PTA said this system provides an Internet and SMS based interface to end-users in order to retrieve the registered mobile SIMs information. , adding that it is a robust, secure and efficient system to store a record size of approx 100 million subscribers data. It is however feared that PTAs recently announcement of abolishing of CNIC requirement for SIM blocking could turn into another issue that would require another outstanding measure from PTA to cope with that issue.