The security experts recommend that those assigned to duty at barricades and checkpoints should hang around in groups at those points. When stopping a suspicious vehicle, several on-duty officials approach the vehicle together. However, it seems obvious even to a layman that this tactic exposes a greater number of lives to the risk of serious injury and death. A group of policemen or soldiers standing together at a checkpoint are an inviting target to the attacker or bomber and facilitate his task of causing maximum damage and taking more lives. Surely the same officials placed at a distance from each other would not only reduce the body count but would also give them greater time to react more effectively? Similarly, if only one officer approaches a vehicle while others cover him from a distance, in the eventuality of an explosion, only the one nearest the vehicle would be at maximum risk. We could learn some lessons from the Israelis and we do not need foreign tours for these lessons. We have all seen on television how they handle suspected suicide bombers, with a megaphone and from a distance, asking the suspect to remove his clothes and hold his hands behind his head before getting anywhere near them. While the CCPOs can praise the valour of their men after they have been killed or maimed, some training in ensuring safety in a security plan is advised. SAQUIB YUSUF, Lahore, November 6.