ISLAMABAD - President Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao) and former interior minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has expressed the view that the people to people contact between Afghanistan and Pakistan will greatly help eliminate the menace of militancy from the region. He proposed that grand Jirga with participants from both the states be called on frequent basis to discuss the menace of militancy and its fallout on both nations. The Jirga would be tasked to evolve strategies to rid the region from this menace, which had turned into a major threat to the world peace. Talking to TheNation, Aftab Sherpao, who was instrumental in formulating the strategy against militancy during the previous government, said that the militants had strong roots on both sides of Pak-Afghan border. Uprooting them from these areas not only required force but also the strong will of the people of both countries, he added. To a question, he has said that there was a fragile set-up under Hamid Karzai in Kabul and boycott of run-off presidential elections by Abdullah Abdullah had pushed the country into another political turmoil providing breathing space to the militants fighting the NATO forces. In the face of a weak political dispensation in Afghanistan, the effectiveness of military offensive against militants would spin into jeopardy, which would also have adverse impact on the ongoing military offensive launched against the militants by Pakistan Army in South Waziristan. Sherpao said although Pakistan Army had successfully eliminated the militants from Swat and Malakand areas, yet the chances of resurgence of militancy in these areas had increased as the government had failed to establish a proper civilian set-up in these areas after the military operation. To a question about the ongoing military operation in South Waziristan, Sherpao said that as the militants fighting the Pakistan Army in South Waziristan had direct access to Afghan border, it would not be an easy task. The militants in Afghanistan could come to their aid to make the task difficult for Army. He further said that at the same time the political will and support required for the success of such operations was not visible. He added that the political elite of the area who were a part of the incumbent govt both in NWFP and at Centre should go there to woo the support of those elements which were against the militancy. He said that in given circumstance when the governments in both Kabul and Islamabad were not strong enough to tackle the issue of militancy effectively, the people to people contact should be enhanced. He said grand peoples Jirga be called to discuss the multi-pronged impact of militancy on both the nations and a comprehensive strategy be evolved to rid the region of this menace.