UNITED NATIONS - The UN Security Council on Friday called on the new Afghan government to effectively address the challenges facing the country, including security and good governance. Austrias UN Ambassador Thomas Mayr-Harting, the Council President for this month, read out a Council statement to the Press after a closed-door meeting with UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who visited Afghanistan on Monday. The Council members looked forward to working with President Hamid Karzai and his new administration, Mayr-Harting said. They stressed the need for a renewed inclusive political process led by the Afghan government in accordance with the Afghan constitution in order to achieve national unity and a peaceful and prosperous future for all the people of Afghanistan, he said. President Karzai was re-elected after his opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, withdrew from a planned run-off after the flawed first round of presidential elections. While reaffirming its support for the country, the council called on the new Afghan government to effectively address the issues facing the country, including security, good governance and the fight against corruption as well as economic recovery, improving the livelihood of its people, and the cross-cutting issue of counter-narcotics. The Council also condemned the violent and terrorist activities by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups, he said. During his unannounced visit, Ban met with Karzai and urged him to take all steps necessary to ensure that the people of the South Asian nation can enjoy genuine freedom, democracy, stability and prosperity. The Secretary-General also urged the Afghan leader to ensure good governance, including the eradication of corrupt practices prevalent in Afghanistan, controlling drug trafficking and forming a unity government with experienced ministers and government officials.