ISLAMABAD - In a damage control move, following the imminent debacle on NRO, President Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday had a telephonic contact with PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and reiterated his pledge to honour his commitment to constitutional reforms and Charter of Democracy (CoD). Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is also expected to meet Mian Nawaz Sharif next week and would likely take him into confidence on host of issues including Balochistan Package, progress on constitutional reforms and other matters of discord between the two sides. The sources in both Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) informed TheNation on Saturday that President Zardari in a telephonic contact with Nawaz Sharif discussed the overall political situation in the country in the backdrop of recent developments following the staying away of PPP coalition partners on NRO issue. Both the leaders agreed to enhance contact with each other for strengthening democratic institutions and to frustrate the designs of those elements, which did not want to see the democracy taking roots in the country. The sources further informed that President Zardari, once again, expressed his resolve to do away with all the distortions from the Constitution including 17th Amendment and Article 58(2)b. The sources further disclosed that President Zardari also expressed his commitment to fully implement the CoD and do away with the distortions from the Constitution. He expressed his commitment that he also wanted to see the balance of power among the state institutions with specific reference to the offices of president and prime minister. It was the consensus view of both leaders that Parliament should be made strong and sovereign and expressed their commitment to work jointly to achieve this end. Nawaz assured the President that his party would not become part of any conspiracy to derail the incumbent political dispensation and urged him to work for strengthening of the Parliament by striking balance of powers in state institutions. He further urged the President to take concrete measures to implement CoD and revoke the distortions introduced in the Constitution during the dictatorial rule. The meeting between PM Gilani and Nawaz Sharif soon after latters return from Gilgit-Baltistan was part of the damage control campaign launched by the PPP coalition government. Although according to the official announcement, the meeting between the two was Balochistan Package specific, yet the insiders on both sides informed TheNation that host of issues including constitutional reforms and other contentious matters would be discussed in the meeting. The spokesman of PM House said that the Prime Minister would take Nawaz into confidence over Balochistan Package. This meeting is a part of the process to take political parties into confidence on Balochistan Package prepared by Parliamentary Committee on Balochistan. The sources further informed that both sides, during the meeting, would discuss the ways and means to remove the confidence deficit between the two sides, which had multiplied over the past one year. The sources informed that there was strong realisation between the leadership of both parties that anti-democracy forces could take advantage by causing irreparable loss to the incumbent political dispensation due to state of mistrust between them.