PESHAWAR - At least 14 suspected militants were killed and three others injured when US drones rained down missiles on North Waziristan Agency Sunday evening. The missiles struck an hour apart in the tribal belt - the area that has seen the overwhelming majority of drone strikes over the last two months. Two US pilotless aircraft fired five missiles on a vehicle and a suspected militant compound in the tribal belt, killing a total of 14 fighters and wounding three others. In the first attack, a US drone struck a house at Sedgai village near Miranshah with three missiles, killing at least nine suspected militants. An hour later, another pair of missiles targeted a vehicle in Ghulam Khan town in the jurisdiction of Datta Khel, leaving five more insurgents dead. Sources said the identity of those killed was not immediately known. They said that the drones had been hovering over the area for several minutes, which created a panic among the dwellers. Agencies add: Security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said all five killed were foreigners. Further details were not immediately available. The intelligence officials said agents on the ground were collecting more details. A covert US drone campaign in Pakistan has been stepped up in the tribal belt, as intelligence claims emerged last month of a Mumbai-style terror plot to launch commando attacks on European cities. The latest attacks came after a rare triple drone strike on Wednesday killed at least 11 suspected militants in the same region.