As reported in the press, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague has promised to remove the provision that allows British courts to issue arrest warrants against foreign war criminals and similar characters visiting Britain. Even the former British governments had been working on scrapping this 'unfortunate' clause which deterred war criminals, thugs and mass murders who held, and are still holding high positions in Israel, from visiting the country. After all, Britain built up its huge empire through similar means and naturally feels affinity for Israel, which employs same tactics. After remaining dormant for a few decades, Britain is taking up its old game again, starting with Iraq, now Afghanistan, and with other Muslim countries on the waiting list. In the garb of war on terror, Britain along with its accomplices, is creating problems all over the Muslim world. There are two old, unsolved problems, which account for the bulk of prevailing unrest and these are Indian-held Kashmir and Palestine and for both, Britain bears primary responsibility. However, instead of helping the victims, the British govts side with the oppressors, and roll out red carpets for them, which is very shameful indeed. - S. R. H. HASHMI, Karachi, November 5.