ISLAMABAD - Condemning the recent wave of attacks on mosques and shrines, Senior Vice President PML-Q (Likeminded) Nisar Muhammad Khan has demanded of the Government to part ways with the US on the so-called war on terror. Whereas the US and its allies are now running away from the war, the PPP-led federal government should now review its policy and separate itself from the war. We have suffered a lot and it would take us decades to recover from that damage, former minister Nisar said on Sunday. He said that Pakistani forces and nation had sacrificed their lives and properties in the war while, the US was still threatening Pakistan to open another war zone in North Waziristan besides killing dozens of Pakistanis in drone attacks. He added that the people of the US and other countries were demanding of Washington to roll back its policy of war on terror while in Pakistan; anti-state forces were trying to destabilise the country by feeding the terrorism. Talking about the blasts at mosques and shrines of the saints, Senior Vice President PML-Q (Likeminded) said that no Muslim could ever target such a place while adding that anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces were behind such attacks to defame Muslims and Islam.