JAKARTA (AFP) - Hundreds of Indonesians rallied in central Jakarta on Sunday to protest against this weeks visit by US President Barack Obama. More than 1,000 protesters from the Hizbut Tahrir shouted Obama Comes, We Crush and Reject Obama outside the state palace and the US embassy. They brandished posters bearing his picture and banners with slogans such as Do not add to Indonesias grief. President Barack Obama until today has continued to colonise Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and kill our brothers there. As such, we will not accept him as a guest, Hizbut Tahrir spokesman Mohammed Ismail Yusanto told AFP. With the disasters happening in Indonesia, his visit will only add to our grief, he added, referring to natural disasters that have taken hundreds of lives in the last few weeks. Obamas visit is focused on the big strategic goal of mending ties with the Muslim world. During his stay he will visit the countrys biggest mosque and make a speech at a prestigious state university.