NEW YORK - Former President Pervez Mushrraf has lashed out at Mian Nawaz Sharif for his threats to try him for treason when he comes to power, saying the PML chief may never see that day. Musharraf, who heads All Pakistan Muslim League, told a large gathering of his supporters in the Soundview Broadcasting building on Saturday evening that Nawaz Sharif would never return to power, without saying why. He said Nawaz Sharif has a problem: He had confrontation with four army chiefs, two presidents and one chief justice while he was prime minister of Pakistan. Outside the building in Long Island City, a group of PML-N activists staged a demonstration, raising anti-Musharraf slogans and heckling those who had come to listen to the former president. But the security was tight. Musharraf said that he had never apologized for launching the military operations against Lal Masjid and for the killing of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti. What I did as president at that time was right and if I come to power again and if such a situation arose, I will take similar action, he added. The former president said that Nawaz Sharif had used the parochial slogan of Jaag Punjabi Jaag just to garner votes, but now when Punjabis were being killed in Balochistan, he had remained silent. Not only that the PML-N chief provides shelter to Bugti leader in Lahore who were behind the anti-Punjabi campaign. The appropriate slogan would have been Jaag Pakistani Jaag, he told the cheering audience. Responding to questions about the current situation in Pakistan, Musharraf said the Pakistani people were disappointed and the nation was demoralized. The Muslim league had created Pakistan under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and now we will rebuild it under the banner of All Pakistan Muslim League he added. APML leaders Pervez Mehmood and Dr Nasim Ashraf also spoke on this occasion.