NEW YORK A number of Sikh organisations and gurdwaras from across the United States have urged President Barack Obama, who is on a visit to India, to press New Delhi to bring to justice those responsible for the massacre of Sikhs after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984. Over the years, India has become a country where state-sponsored pogroms against ethnic minorities like the Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Tribals, Dalits and landless peasants, have become a norm, an advertisement published in The Washington Times on behalf of the Sikh organisations and Gurdwara said. Even today, Sikh leader Bhai Daljit Singh and dozens of other Sikh activists are incarcerated for many months in Punjabs jails for seeking self-determination for the 26 million strong Sikh nation and for distributing pictures of the late Sant Bhindranwale, who was proclaimed as the greatest Sikh of the 20th century by the Sikh community, the advertisement said. Last week, hundreds of Sikh-Americans held a demonstration in front of the United Nations building to press their case for justice for victims of the mass killings of Sikhs in New Delhi and elsewhere in India. They also expressed their disappointment over Obamas decision to skip a planned visit to the Golden Temple, their holiest shrine, in Amritsar, during his visit to India. Just holding elections has not made India a democracy, Mr President the advertisement in The Washington Times pointed out. No wonder 26 years ago, in November 1984, the then power-drunk Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, (late husband of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and son of PM Indira Gandhi) launched an anti-Sikh pogrom, with 'a wink and a nod and a vicious lament for mass murder of Sikhs. Even twenty-six years later, no one has been found guilty in India, for the November 1984 mass murder of Sikhs. Yet, India claims to be the worlds 'largest democracy. Some Democracy Mr President The advertisement was signed by Dr Amarjit Singh of the Washington-based Khalistan Centre, on behalf of the Sikh organisations and gurdwaras.