PRESIDENT Obama's trip to India was, as expected, a bonanza for India on many fronts. From the economic front to the strategic to the propaganda, Obama gave India what it wanted. Initially the opposition's BJP expressed anger at Obama having left out any comment on Pakistan in his initial address in Mumbai. However, as appeasing as ever to India, Obama made up that "deficit" by not only mentioning Pakistan in his later statements but holding forth on how extremist elements are still present in Pakistan and the latter was not doing enough on terrorism. Given how he was in the centre of a country harbouring Hindu extremists and practising state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir, this was not only malicious on Obama's part but will serve no purpose beyond satisfying the hatred within the extremist Hindus for Pakistan. In any case, is Obama really that naive as to assume that extremists do not exist in almost all countries of the world including his own? He did concede that Pakistan was playing a strategically important role not just for the US but for the world; but insisted it needed to act faster on terrorism Added to this was the usual reference to the US wish for a democratic and stable Pakistan and so on Clearly, the compulsion to dwell on Pakistan while in India reflected the pressure Obama feels to sate India on all fronts. On Kashmir also, in case any Kashmiri or Pakistani still had any doubts, Obama made it clear that he was not going to intervene in any dispute between Pakistan and India and declared that they must resolve their conflicts themselves. It is a supreme irony that while Obama recalled how he could never forget the "awful images" of the Mumbai terrorism, he seemed to be suffering from amnesia on the extensive and brutal images of Indian terrorism against the Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. Of course, India also gained in real terms in terms of $10 billion in trade deals. Included in this are commercial sales for military transport aircrafts and all export controls would be eased so India could purchase dual use technology which would add to its military capabilities including in the nuclear field. This should send a clear message to the Pakistani rulers as to which South Asian country is really the strategic partner of the US All in all, the Obama visit was a tremendous boost for India which gained on all fronts, including finally on the anti-Pakistan front. Whatever India sought, Obama delivered. In fact, Obama's visit was a natural follow on from the Clinton visit a decade earlier when the US and India signed their "Vision Document" which lay the base for the economic and strategic military cooperation between the two countries. Obama stated that the US-India relationship was a win-win situation for both, but as it turns out his visit to India was primarily a victory for India and its new aggressive policies in the region.