Islamabad was "willing to engage" with New Delhi, said Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi while reacting to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's reiteration that India was committed to talks with Pakistan. In New Delhi, addressing a joint press conference with visiting US President Barack Obama, Manmohan Singh said a "moderate and peaceful Pakistan is in the interest of India, South Asia and the world as a whole". "We are committed to engage with Pakistan," he said and asked Pakistan to dismantle anti-India terror infrastructure. Responding to the remarks, Qureshi told an Indian TV news channel that Manmohan Singh "means well". "Pakistan is willing to engange with India...Collectively we can dismantle the terror machines," Qureshi said emphatically Stressing that "dialogue (with India) is the need of the hour", Qureshi said after the Obama-Manmohan Singh press conference here: "We are glad India is finally warming up to Pakistan. We are not at all feeling marginalized, we are feeling happy about it and are committed to dismantling terror networks" In response to a question on whether Pakistan was feeling left out, he said Islamabad had a long history of relations with the US and Obama had announced before his trip to India that he would be visiting Pakistan. Labelling statements by Obama "mature and balanced", Qureshi said that everybody needed to join hands to deal with terrorism. "Many countries in the region have been affected by it... we have been affected by it." Terrorist machinery and terror networks existed all over the world, the minister told CNN-IBN. "There are terror organisations trying to undermine many societies. We cannot be selective and specific towards a country... No one country on its own can deal with it." He added that there were terror groups based and operating in India. Qureshi said he had a "lot of respect" for the Indian prime minister. "I think he means well. But you have to look at the larger picture... until then we will not be able to make progress," he stated. The policy of the democratically elected government of Pakistan, Qureshi said, was that it condemned terrorism and would not allow its soil to be used against anyone - "that includes India". "Pakistan is not only committed to dismantling terror networks... it has shown the determination to do so," the minister said, stressing that Pakistani citizens had lost lives in defeating and fighting terrorism.