Due to price increase of petroleum, smuggled petrol from Iran has become very popular in Pakistan. Pakistan government is loosing well over Rs. 5 billion to 6 billion per year. Pakistan has a long history of smuggling petrol from Iran. Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, and Sindh are the two main markets of smuggled petroleum products. Recently, the market has been expanded to Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The main advantage of smuggled products is cheaper price. One litre Iranian petrol can be found at half the price of per liter petrol sold in Pakistan. Worst part of the matter is that many high government officials and law enforcement officials support this activity. It is a big source of income for them. The incompatibility in the rise and fall of prices is also shocking as petrol prices fall by few paisas while it rise in rupees. Price of petroleum is not only a major problem in Pakistan but more or less in all the countries of the world; even in USA. Few months ago, Nepal observed a serious protest following the rise of fuel price. It is a very sensitive issue, no doubt. I hope that our government would take strict legal action against smuggling of petroleum. At the same time, it should start promoting alternative energy resources in the country so that people do not have to suffer from rising fuel price in future. - FARHAN KHAN, Lahore, November 6.