Nowhere else in the world are there as many as nine splinter groups of one political party. For this, the PML can claim a place of honour in the Guinness World Records. Alas, such a shame, that the political party - which under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah changed the geography of the world by creating a new state for the Muslims: Pakistan - is presently divided into several groups, which proudly associate themselves with either certain names or personalities. For example, the PML-N (Nawaz), PML-Q (named after Quaid-i-Azam, but also known as Shujaat group), PML (Ejazul Haq), PML (Sheikh Rashid), PML-F (Pir Pagaro) and others. Only the new faction created by former COAS and President of Pakistan General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has been named as the All Pakistan Muslim League. Human memory, unfortunately, is so short that we have almost forgotten how the Muslim League (then named All India Muslim League), with its undisputed position of being the only party representing the Muslim population in India, was able to assert its demand for a separate homeland. But within a period of seven years of Pakistan's creation, the League's break-up started in 1954 after it had lost the elections in both East and West Pakistan. Since then the division of the League has continued bringing this great party into the present sad state of affairs. Generally, the nations where the political forces are strong enough to face any challenge collectively, no external force can dare to conspire against the nation, government or the people. Convincing the political leaders in Pakistan of this, however, is a different story. In this backdrop, it is after losing the elections to the PPP, some factions of the League realised that had Nawaz and Shujaat joined hands, risen above personal differences and put their egos aside, the League's vote would be greater than that of the PPP. The League would have won the 2008 elections and easily formed a stable government till 2013. However, the two leaders stuck to their egos in spite of the repeated requests by Mr Majid Nizami to forget the past, look forward to the future and avail the opportunities offered by the prevailing uncertain political environment. It is a well established fact that politics is the art of possibilities visualised well before an important event takes place. Egos and personal differences play no part in this great game of seeing through the present and future possibilities. Indeed, a leader with a vision can see the challenges facing the country and in advance prepare for the gathering storm on the horizon. Unluckily, the PML has no such visionary statesman after the passing away of the Quaid. The riddle of the League - as far as all its factions are concerned - is the deep-rooted legacy of not learning any lessons from its political blunders. However, since its defeat in the 2008 elections, there is indeed some awakening in various ranks of the ML. Hence, there is a need for unity, which urged the leadership of the different factions to move urgently in this direction, otherwise PML would suffer the same fate as in 2008. Time waits for no one and if Nawaz and Shujaat miss the present opportunity, I wonder whether they would get another chance. All the other groups have joined hands under Pir Pagaro; so the challenge demands the courage to rise above personal interests and let destiny grab the leaders by the hand. Nevertheless, the key lies in the hands of Nawaz Sharif and no one else, other than Mr Nizami, who can persuade the PML-N chief to resolve the problem presently faced by all the League factions. As a final word, remember that the Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, established a separate homeland for the Muslims hoping that the future leaders of the country - like Nawaz, Shujaat, the Pir of Pagaro and all others - will come up to the responsibilities that the State of Pakistan demands of them. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum.