Every responsible citizen is seriously concerned about the bad performance of eight organizations as pointed out by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani a few months back. He said that the government would restructure eight organizations that had become white elephants and were eating up to Rs. 220 billion of public resources annually. He added these organizations will be restructured and run on economically viable basis. To a question, he mentioned Pakistan Steel Mills, Railways, PIA and WAPDA among the organizations, which have to resort to govt assistance to keep on functioning despite incurring huge losses. The restructuring of eight government organizations may be a good step but more important is people of this country. They are eager to know reasons behind this 'national disaster' of mismanagement, irregularities and corruption which led such organizations to be labeled by the Prime Minister as "the white elephants". A detailed investigation into affairs of all such organizations should be carried out. The real reasons behind the losses and mismanagement should be probed. As first step, the present management of the eight 'white elephants' should be replaced without any discrimination. Allowing corrupt management to stay and restructure the said organizations would only provide to evil-doers another good opportunity to eat up government resources further. This would be a cruel joke to the 170 million poor people of this country. - MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, November 6.