ANKARA/TEHRAN (AFP/Reuters) - Turkey is ready to host talks between Iran and six world powers over the Islamic republics nuclear programme after a receiving a request from Tehran, the Anatolia news agency reported on Sunday. Turkey has made lots of efforts since the start of the process for a diplomatic solution to be found, the news agency quoted a diplomatic source as saying. We are ready to do whatever is in our power, the source said. The date and location of the talks is still to be determined, the report added. Iranian media, meanwhile, reported that Karim Bagheri, the deputy of Irans nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, had visited Turkey on Thursday. Jalili informed Ashton in October that his country was prepared to resume nuclear talks after November 10 at a time and place agreed by both sides, according to the state news agency IRNA. An Iranian conservative newspaper, Vatan Emrouz, on Sunday reported that the negotiations would be held by the end of November, without quoting a source. At the same time, the European Unions foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, representing the world powers in the Iran negotiations, said Sunday that she was still waiting for official word from Tehran. A spokesman for her office said the EU would respond once it had received an official proposal including a specific time and place to meet. Earlier addressing a news conference in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Iran has informed Ankara that Tehran is ready to hold talks with the major powers as soon as possible and Turkey may be the best venue for negotiations. We have told our Turkish friends that we are in agreement with regard to holding these talks in Turkey, the Minister said. A senior President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aide said that even if Iran does agree to the talks it will not negotiate about its nuclear programme - which would be a non-starter for the powers. But Mottaki was upbeat. Consultations are under way, they are on the right track, he said. I hope we will reach an agreement soon over the date and the contents, he said. We are very optimistic the discussions will start as soon as possible, as the overall approach of Iran is positive and constructive. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said Mottaki had been in touch to suggest holding talks there. We said to Iranian officials that as Turkey we are ready to do our best in that regard. But there is no decision yet regarding the exact timing and place of the talks, an official said. Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki said that US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was joking when he talked about a possible war with Iran and that such remarks must be ignored. Dont take the American senators remark too seriously. He wanted to joke, Mottaki told reporters when asked to react to Grahams remarks made in Halifax, Canada on Saturday. Mottaki said the US had not achieved anything through such threats. You (US) did not achieve anything by carrying out your threats in Afghanistan and Iraq. US statesmen must learn from the past and analyse their policies and move towards correcting them, Mottaki said.