Iran said on Tuesday that the West had no serious proof it was developing nuclear weapons, ahead of a report by the UN atomic watchdog that is expected to provide new evidence against Tehran. There is no serious proof that Iran is going to create a nuclear warhead, Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, responding to a question about the IAEA report during a visit to neighbouring Armenia. The West and the United States are exerting pressure on Iran without serious arguments and proof, he said. The IAEA report expected this week has been raised as a potential trigger for an Israeli attack on Irans nuclear facilities. Diplomats have said that the report will focus on the Islamic republics alleged efforts to put fissile material in a warhead and on developing missiles. Previous IAEA assessments have centred on Irans efforts to produce fissile material uranium and plutonium which can be put to peaceful uses such as power generation or be used to make a nuclear bomb. Irans President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad on Monday accused Israel and the United States of seeking world support for a military strike, describing this as a very serious mistake. Salehi repeated Tehrans position that its nuclear programme was for peaceful purposes only. We have repeatedly stated that we are not going to create nuclear weapons, he said. But the White House said Monday that it expected the UN nuclear watchdog to echo its concerns, and as is customary refused to rule out the use of military force. Iran has so far refused to freeze its uranium enrichment activities despite several UN sets of sanctions.