The National Engineering Services Pakistan, during the two-day business conference in Lahore, signed four MoUs with Turkish, Chinese and Korean consultancy companies for the purpose of jointly undertaking projects in diverse fields of engineering.

The foreign enterprises have agreed to launch joint ventures for providing engineering consultancy services for infrastructural development, transportation, hydropower and rail network projects in Pakistan, also bringing huge investment in the country.

Delegates from these world-renowned companies visited Nespak House and shared ideas for future business plans with the Managing Director Amjad A. Khan, who gave them detailed briefing about capabilities of Nespak.

The Chinese, Turkish and Korean firms also agreed to launch joint ventures by utilizing expertise and experience on reciprocal basis. These collaborations will be based on equal footing between Pakistani consultancy firm and these foreign firms, which have reposed full confidence in Pakistani state consultancy and shown keen interest to collaborate on future business ventures.

Under the MoUs, Nespak and foreign firms will endeavour to jointly undertake projects in Pakistan. Major prospective projects to be targeted by these companies include mass transportation projects including Inter City and Light Rail Metropolitan Project, Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants and Hydropower Projects. Keeping in view the friendship that already exists between these countries, the collaboration between the state enterprise and these companies will take this friendship to new heights.

The Chinese companies were ready to bring also investment in Pakistan. The investors hoped that Nespak will maintain its high standards of performance and uphold national pride while working with foreign consultants. They termed this business collaboration in engineering consultancy sector between Pakistani and Chinese, Korean and Turkish firms a healthy sign and said that it would open new business vistas for all the partners of these MoUs.

Nespak as a public sector company has already established its repute as a top class engineering consultancy organization by rendering its services for various important projects in 34 countries of the world.