Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has suggested that NAB should set up a hospital for treatment of all those who fell ill immediately after receiving summons from the corruption watchdog.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said that whosoever was summoned by the NAB left the country for medical treatment abroad that was highly costly for this poor country.

The JI chief said that NAB performance so far had been unimpressive. This made the corrupt elements happy and the general public unhappy. He said that officials had all of a sudden raised the issue of a technocrat government although this demand had been made neither by the opposition nor by the court.

He said the JI was determined to chase the corrupt to the end. To make the country corruption free, he suggested, all those facing corruption cases should not be allowed to contest the elections.

He said the government was undecided on the issue of fresh delimitation of electoral constituencies and an attempt was being made to mislead the general public. If the government is willing to go ahead with delimitation of electoral constituencies, he said, this task could be completed within one month. He warned that all tactics to delay the polls would fail.

Siraj said the JI was not pressing for any minus-one formula; it was pressing for the minus-corruption formula. He said if corruption is wiped from the country, minus-one would become irrelevant. He said smog and fog were hovering over country’s political horizon and rule of law was inevitable to prevent any mishap. The country, he said, could not run sans supremacy of the constitution.