Lahore - Maryam Nawaz has reacted angrily to the detailed judgement of the Supreme Court in the Panamagate case.

In a series of tweets, she said that it was the first time she has witnessed the “seat of justice spewing venom”. “The latest decision is based more on ‘adjectives’ than law,” she added. “First time witnessed seat of justice spewing venom.”

She tweeted, “Qanoon aur insaf bhi sharminda hain! That’s exactly how minority brings a bad name to the majority! Victim is not Nawaz Sharif but justice itself!”

She explained in the tweet that the victim, in this case, is not her father, but justice itself.

She also referred to it as a “travesty of justice”, as she claimed that the asset mentioned is the salary to be received from the son.

The former premier’s daughter also claimed that the decision could only be under “immense pressure, otherwise, such travesty of justice is unimaginable”.

Referring to the inclusion of her name, she alleged she was being avenged as she spoke up against injustice. Maryam said it was vendetta as before her name was not included in the verdict issued earlier.

“It’s the same Maryam who didn’t even figure in the verdict earlier. Now [she is] avenged [because] she questioned & spoke against injustice. Vendetta!”

Maryam further added that this was the sixth decision in the same case, adding that the decision was given on the same day when those who lost politically to Nawaz Sharif were asked to file a petition which could not be heard in the court.