Nasir Abbas - Corruption is the main challenge Pakistan is facing at present, it is a curse which is considered to be a main hurdle in the progress of any country. China is the best friend of Pakistan has set an example in front of us, it progressed with a national spirit, struggled and brought the level of corruption to the lowest ebb.

We for the eradication of corruption and to ensure transparency in CPEC have signed an agreement with China under which the two countries will benefit from the expertise of each other to eradicate the menace of corruption. Pakistan is a developing country for which the eradication of corruption has become the voice of whole nation for its development. The present NAB Chairman Javed Iqbal considered elimination of corruption as the top priority and for this purpose adopted ‘zero tolerance policy’. He is determined to not entertain any pressure and in line with the merit, witness and law will retrieve the looted money from plunderers to deposit in the national exchequer.

The NAB chairman is an honest, dutiful, professional man who keeps in view law and merit in his day-to-day duties. He has professional, experienced and blotless career at his credit in the past. He was born in 1946. He served as Sessions Judge Quetta, Chief Justice Balochistan High Court, Acting Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chairman Press Council and Chairman of Abbottabad Commission and has not taken Rs7.1 million compensation from the commission.

Currently, he is the chairman of Disappeared Persons Commission (DPC). Through his continuous hard work and personal interest, 2700 people were discovered and are now with their families.

He is the man of his words so whatever he resolves, he does and even enemies endorse his honesty, integrity and principality. At the time when he assumed his charge as NAB chairman , he during his first speech with NAB officers made it clear that no stone be left unturned to curb corruption from the country. Self respect of innocent must not be hurt and reference must be filed against corrupts following merit, transparency and law. Looted amount must be retrieved from looters and submitted in national exchequer. The matter of not taking any concrete steps in previous years despite complaints, enquiries and investigations would also be investigated as no any officer is above the law.

Ineligible, Corrupt and law breakers would have no room in NAB as the incumbent chairman does not accept any pressure or reference and ensures meritocracy, transparency, hard work, honesty and integrity. He works for state interest, his advice to NAB officials to make them realise their duties for establishment of corruption free society is a step taken in right direction at right time.

He also ordered to stop spending NAB’s money lavishly and if anyone found guilty of it will face strict disciplinary action because resources would be utilised in a proper way by stopping unnecessary spending. His order regarding internal and external audit of NAB is being applauded by all circles and according to his belief, NAB officials should not be linked with any political party, they must be loyal with state and NAB.

He firmly resolves that NAB has not been established to serve for political purposes and when NAB officials will work hard with following merit, transparency and law than references would be filed within prescribed time of 10 months.

He checks all issues after the October 11, 2017 in full transparency, fairness, evidence with law and now if any reference will file from NAB in court, he will check it personally to fulfill the legal requirements. This will not only help NAB in giving punishment to corrupt elements through courts but also to improve the progress of NAB. He said that NAB officers first give answer to their conscience. If NAB officers will perform their duties with honesty and merit then he will fulfill the requirements of public.

The promotion and appoint in NAB would be made on merit, seniority, performance and in accordance with law. The quota system would be followed and implemented strictly and injustice with any province would not be tolerated. You do not believe in exerting pressure and recommendation in routine policy for promotion and appointment and would work to promote teamwork to ensure hard-work, merit, transparency and implementation on law because everyone has the right to dream and these dreams can come into reality only through merit, transparency and according to the law.

You disposed off your duties while living in the ambit of law for entire life and expect from NAB officers and officials that they would also work honestly and fulfilling the requirements of law, besides valuing the prestige. Every step of NAB officers heading towards justice and merit would not only ensure dealing with witnesses and accused according to the law but promote the goodwill and overall performance of the institution. Eradication of corruption from the country is not only your will but will no stone unturned for this purpose. Entire nation has stick to the NAB and NAB would play vivid role under your leadership to come up to the masses’ expectations and eliminating the corruption. The orders of the Supreme Court would be followed. Instead of keeping record of mega corruption cases in files and windows, on October 25, 2017, you have sought report within three months on all mega corruption cases within three months, which is welcoming step because likewise father of the nation you also believe in work, work and only work and how much someone was influential would not be above the accountability.

You have sought report of inquiries and investigations about private housing societies to ascertain that since how long there was inquiries and investigation against the private housing societies and to take review on the advancement. It would be seen also that which inquiries were stopped and reopened. You believe in accountability without any discrimination so ordered inquiry on alleged corruption in metro bus project in Multan following reports of corruption appeared in the media. You also have ordered inquiry about selling the PIA plane at cheapest rate. You have directed all DGs NAB to behave the regional Bureaus visitors with respect because any person until and unless was not declared as offender was innocent so it was necessary to value the self-respect of every person.

Elimination of corruption is not only responsibility of NAB but the entire nation. It is the responsibility of the nation to inform NAB about corrupt elements though their individual and collective efforts because until and unless every person would not deny the corruption, it was not possible to root out corruption. Denial from corruption was the best way of expression love and development with the country. Only corruption free societies can reach to the economic destinations and make progress. The NAB chairman has termed elimination of corruption as his top priority. In his short span, he acted what he said. It is being hoped that his serious efforts for elimination of corruption would bear fruits and Pakistan would get rid of this menace, besides moving on the path of development.