PRESS RELEASE - The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Austria (Sindh) organised two colourful events to celebrate the National Day of the Republic of Austria where the Austrian musicians “The Duo” Paul Schubert and Christopher Haritzer came to Pakistan to perform on 31stOctober at NAPA and on 1st November at the Honorary Consulate (Sindh) Karachi.

Austrian musicians The Duo in collaboration with Ustad Bashir (tabla) and Ustad Salamat Hussain (bansuri) along with musicians and talented students of NAPA, under the guidance of Arshad Mahmood and Nafees Ahmed enthralled a large audience with an amazing infusion of Austrian and Pakistani traditional and contemporary music.

The musical dialogue between the musicians received well deserved, prolonged applause from the audience with repeated requests for an encore.

These functions were hosted by the Austrian Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Brigitta Blaha and the Hon. Consul (Sindh) Babar Tajammul and his wife Tazeen Tajammul.

The evenings began with the national anthems of both countries played live together by the Austrian and Pakistani instrumentalists.

Both functions were very well attended by the Acting Governor of Sindh, the Diplomatic Corps and Politicians from all political parties and eminent citizens of Pakistan including the Consul Generals, Vice Consuls and representatives of High Commissions, including Germany’s Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler and Consul General Rainer Schmiedchen, Bahrain Consul General Yaser Isa Ajlan Isa Al-Heddi, Japan–Consul General. Toshikazu Isumora, Morocco Consul General Ishtiaq Baig, Yemen – Consul General Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Jamaica Consul General Noreen Baig, Korea Consul General and Mrs. Kim Donggi, Switzerland–Consul General Philippe Crevoisier, Singapore Consul General Amin Mohammed Lakhani, Republic of Fiji Consul General Captain S Kamal Mahmoodi  Mauritius Consul General Sohail Yasin Sulleyman, Republic of Botswana Consul General Muhammad Faruq Ghani, Republic of Cameroon Consul General Bari Jelani, Republic of Afghanistan, Consular In-charge Abdul Karim Firoz and Second Secretary Wafiullah Maroof, Portugal Consul General Fakir S. Ayazuddin and Italy Consul General Dr Gianluca Rubagotti.

Other prominent diplomats included the acting governor of Sindh, Agha Siraj Durrani, Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Faraz Lagari, Shujat Ali Baig, Zafar Moti, Justice Usmani, Mr. Asif Rehman, Dr. & Mrs. Rasheed Jooma, Mr. & Mrs. Azad Iqbal, Mr. Azam Kazmi, Ms. Fouzia Nackvi, Mr. Nayyar Hasnain Haider, Mr. Mushtaq Mehr, Mr. Qadir Thebo, Brig. Zubair (DHA), Mr. Arshad Mahmood (NAPA) Mr. Hidayatullah Khaishgi, Ms. Sheema Kirmani, Mrs. Aaliya Asim Musharraf, Ms. Sameera Raja, Mrs. Niggi Noor Khan, Ms. Pervin Minwalla, Mr. & Mrs. Ali Rahim, Mr. & Mrs. Rana Naeem Mahmud (former Defence Minister), Mr. Razi ur Rehman (SECP) Mr. Umer Shah (Diplomatic Magazine), Mr. & Mrs. Faisal Zahid Malik (Pakistan Observer), Dr. & Mrs. Arif Alvi, Khawaja & Mrs. Naveed Ahmed, Mr. Ali Syed, Mr. Zafar Hilali, Mr. & Mrs. Rafique Bhimjee (EFU), Mr. Zubair Habib, Mr. & Mrs. Shehzad Aslam Sheikh, Mr. & Mrs. Rumman Faruqi, Mrs. Nadya Kasnaan Tajammul, Mr. Javed Jabbar, Mr. & Mrs. Juzer Jangbarwala, Mr. Philipp Klebert, Mr. & Mrs. Shahnoor and several other prominent personalities of Media, Culture, Tourism and Social Elite of the country.

The Hon. Consul Mr. Tajammul hopes to establish a continued cultural and trade interaction between Austria and Pakistan, in years to come.