PARIS      -    French police cleared two huge migrant tent camps in northern Paris on Thursday and authorities vowed to clear other camps, a day after the government announced tighter immigration policies. Buses took away more than 1,600 people in the Porte de la Chapelle and Seine-Saint-Denis area, where illegal refugees lived in tents under and around the flyovers of the busy Paris Peripherique ring road and the ramps to the A1 highway. “I will no longer tolerate these installations by the roadside here or anywhere else on public spaces in Paris,” Paris police prefect Didier Lallement told reporters at the scene. The migrants, mostly men from sub-Saharan Africa and some from the Middle East, boarded the buses in an orderly manner and were taken to gyms and other public venues in and around Paris, while excavators demolished makeshift shacks and picked up plastic chairs, mattresses and rubbish. Lallement said police would maintain a permanent presence in the area in coming weeks to prevent migrants from returning. On Wednesday Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the closure of tent camps, quotas for migrant workers and limits on access to non-urgent healthcare for newly arrived asylum seekers as part of a drive to show that the government is heeding voters’ concerns about immigration.