ISLAMABAD - Opposition members in the National Assembly on Friday continued bashing the PPP-led governments policies, as they demanded of the incumbent government to explain its position on the labourers who have lost their jobs due to long hours of loadshedding. The legislator from PML-N casting doubts over the intentions of incumbent government also commented that if the over-three-year severe loadshedding issue could be resolved only in 36 hours it means the 'loadshedding issue was artificial. The house on third consecutive day witnessed the absence of all the legislators of MQM. A large number of legislators from JUI-F, PML-Q and ANP were also absent to participate in the debate. While, PPP Chief Whip and Minister for Religious Affairs, Khurshid Shah, moved a motion seeking consent of the House to continue the debate on energy crisis during the next week. The motion was adopted unanimously and it was decided that the debate would continue on coming Monday. Speaking on a point order, PML-N legislator Zahid Hamid sought the resignation from chief executives of federal and Sind government after the SC judgment, which had fixed responsibility on federal and Sindh governments for not acting to control the violence in Karachi. Earlier, another PML-N MNA Shakeel Awan said that incumbent government would have to answer about those labour workers who lost their jobs in the crisis. Casting doubt over the PPP-led government, he said that the sudden resolution of the loadshedding issue had raised many questions. It proves that loadshedding is managed through a control room of presidency, he said adding that the government has to clarify its position before masses. Roti, Kapra, Makaan is your slogan.....flood affected people in Sindh are demanding food and shelter so please deliver, he said, and asked the government to fulfil its promises which it made to the people of Sindh. He further criticized the reconciliation policies of PPP government, saying that the PPP was making friends the killers of Benazir Bhutto but no reconciliation was being made with those Jiyalas who had been sidelined. Responding to a point of order raised by PML-Q MNA Ameer Maqam over Lowari Tunnel issue, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani informed that foundation laying ceremony of Diamir Bhasha dam would be held on October 18. It is a mega project and the government brought has it in the CCI to take approval of all the stakeholders on that it could not be politicized like Kalabagh Dam, the PM said adding all the mega projects including Diamir Bhasha Dam, Thar coal, Lowari Tunnel, Neelum-Jehlum, and other would be completed by the government. He elaborated that the Chief Ministers of four provinces had attended the CCI meeting and they approved the project unanimously. Diamir Bhasha was dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and incumbent government is committed to complete it, he added. Talking about the Lowari tunnel, he said that he had convened two important meetings on the project that requires Rs. 2 billion for completion. The required amount would soon be provided to complete it, he added. Earlier, MNA from PML(Q) Ameer Maqam raised his concern over the issue of 'lowari Tunnl saying that the people of the concerned areas were demanding early completion of this project. Speaking on a point of order, Hameedullah Jan Afridi told the house that the people of FATA were paying electricity bills. They are paying to political agents under different heads, he added. He further said that Warsak Dam belonged to tribal people and its royalty be given to them. Responding to Afridi, Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar assured to resolve the issue. Whatever money charged except electricity bill in this head is illegal... We would sit together and sort out this matter, he added. Abdul Qadir Baloch, a PML-N legislator, said that Balochistan issue was not a problem of a single individual or party rather it was a national issue, which should be resolved on priority basis. He said that there was no law and order in place in the country. Police will start delivering if political intervention is discouraged and stopped, he added. He said that like loadshedding, petroleum prices, dengue fever a week should also be specified to discuss law and order situation of Balochistan. Giving reference of the Supreme Court verdict in which a report of the special branch of police was cited about some political parties, he urged the political parties to disband their military wings. PPP legislator Yasmeen Rehman said that energy crisis and dengue issue should not be politicized. Provinces should also start making strategies, as after the 18th amendment. They should realize their responsibilities. She said that future strategy should also be evolved to control epidemics of dengue. PML(Q) legislator Nosheed Saeed also commented that these serious issues should not politicized. Speaking on a point of order, ANP legislator Bushra Gohar demanded the findings of inspection committee report of 'Margalla tower that was collapsed on 8,October 2005, claiming the lives of people. She said that after passing seven years only 50 percent rehabilitation work has been carried out in the earthquake-hit areas. Participating in the debate, Syed Haider Ali Shah that without the involvement WAPDA employees the electricity theft was not possible. Saleem Haider said that due to bad governance in Punjab the people of province are shouting slogans 'go Shahbaz Go. It is easy to shout slogans but its difficult to deliver, he added.