Loadshedding has gained catastrophic proportions. It is being enforced for more than 12-18 hours everyday, with no sign of relief in the foreseeable future. There is grave fear of further deterioration in the coming days. Various suggestions are coming from Ministry of Water and Power to curtail the use of electricity, like two holidays a week, switching off lights on streets, closure of markets in the evening etc. These are only cosmetic measures and will not provide any relief. And the irony is that the ministry or the powers that be, have not shown the slightest initiative for any positive measures to increase the production of electricity. This is because our rulers are living off the fat of the land. They live in large palaces where they are leading a luxurious life, eating delicious cuisine here there is never any loadshedding. I have some suggestions, which are sure to conserve electricity. We must switch off extra lights in the president house, prime minister house, all governor houses, and chief minister houses. Instead allot them farmhouses where they can play games and enjoy themselves, for that is what they have all along been doing. We can do better without them. Remove all air-conditioners from all government offices. It was not very long ago that there used to be no air-conditioners anywhere in the country and even then the offices used to run and as a matter of fact did a much better job. In addition these measures will reduce state expenses and we will save sufficient amount for public-oriented works like education, health, security etc. For further savings in the budget, all cars which have been given to ministers and government officers (for misuse), be withdrawn; instead they be provided with soft loans to buy one car each and be given a reasonable petrol ration. If anybody thinks he needs more than one vehicle, let him buy from his own money. The surplus pool of cars be sold through open auction. DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, October 2.