LAHORE The MQM, which is facing the serious issue of credibility against the backdrop of parting ways with government and joining it time and again, has planned to start afresh political and organizational activities in Punjab by the end of October. The MQMs organisational and political activities in Punjab are at a virtual halt since April this year very after its public moot at Gaddafi Stadium. The party is also facing resistance from its Punjab ranks due to its alleged authoritarian character and strict control of the headquarters over the largest province instead of trusting the local leaders. Wasay Jalil, senior MQM leader and spokesman told TheNation on Friday that partys coordination committee in a recently held meeting has decided to re-launch organisational and political activities in Punjab by the end of October. Admitting that MQM activities were at a virtual halt in Punjab since April, he claimed that MQM was fighting a tough war of words for past several months to counter a propaganda campaign against its leadership. He maintained that MQM always parted ways with the government on principles and public issues. Meanwhile, sources in MQM Punjab while telling another story to this scribe regarding the halt of party activities in the province maintained that the matters of largest province were practically controlled by the partys headquarters in Karachi and the party leaders from Punjab have 'no say in the policy making for their own province. They further maintained that some of the party leaders didnt believe in the real Punjab character of the party and focus more on the support of a migrated community in the province than the real local residents. Sources told that any of the real local leader of the party who differed with 'headquarters elite has been sidelined, while some of them left the party. They said that the decisions for organizing the party or establishing it as a political party in Punjab neither could not be made at Nine-Zero or somewhere else in Karachi nor with imposing leaders from a specific community on the local leaders of the province. They were of the opinion that 'political trend in Punjab was completely different from 'MQM style of politics in Karachi, as the Punjabis didnt like 'bullying attitude. Furthermore, the policies for organizing the party in Lohari Gate, Gujranwala or any other city could only be chalked out by the indigenous leaders who understand the political dynamics of their areas and not by people coming from Hyderabad and Karachi. Sources told that five party men were looking after the affairs of Punjab, which include Iftikhar Randhawa, Shahid Latif, Tauseef Khanzada, Saif Yar Khan and Kanwar Naveed Jameel, former district nazim Hyderabad of which only Iftikhar Randhawa belongs to Punjab.