While we, along with the whole world, mourn the passing away of the iGenius Steve Jobs, nothing ingenuous ever happens in our particular world. Nothing new or different. The politicians raise a ruckus from time to time over this issue or that, but just when things look somewhat tenuous, they come back from the brink to rejoin the power play, as allies of the government. It does appear like children at play because it has now happened so many times that one has lost count. The protests on the street, though, in several cities, led to the lessening of the loadshedding saga and there is relief, even if only for a few days. It has reminded me of a bad marriage wherein the miserly and self-centred husband only pays some slight attention to his wifes requests when she works herself up into extreme hysterics and almost suffers a nervous breakdown in the process. The wife has nowhere else to turn to, so, continues to live thus, despite unfulfilment and unhappiness. It really does make for a very bad marriage. So, while the alliance between Pakistan and America is undergoing counselling in its current situation too, the marriage of choice between the Government of Pakistan and Pakistanis is very much on the rocks. How this will translate into a vote pattern in the next elections remains to be seen. The trust deficit between the voters and the elected is wider than ever. The pattern, I think, this time around will not be to vote for a party flag, but for the better candidate in each constituency, which in turn will continue to breed enforced alliances, as no one party will have a clear majority. Meanwhile, the real issues of the country get bigger and bigger because they have never been paid any attention to by anyone in the past or the present. The issue of controlling population growth is somewhere scuttled under the carpet as if by ignoring it, it will go away. What are we going to do about the huge and ever-increasing population, which we are unable to educate or provide for? How are we going to eradicate poverty? I dont think the much hyped nuclear arsenal is going to be of any help in deterring these issues and these real-term enemies of our country. Thus, the energy crisis is really just one symptom of a sea of issues, which no one party has comprehensive solutions to. The government continues to get by with cosmetic quick fixes and short-term responses a la hurriedly called energy conferences and so forth, and one distinctly feels it spends all its energies in just buying time. Meanwhile, the unwashed millions, who only come in handy during the elections, wait for justice and direction. The Supreme Court (SC) has announced its judgment in the suo moto case of the law and order breakdown in Karachi. It says that the federal and provincial authorities have failed to fulfil their constitutional duties and that they have looked the other way, while hundreds have been cruelly killed in Karachi under their noses, so to speak. It has summed up the complexities of the Karachi situation and has pinpointed those responsible for the gruesome state of affairs. The court has ordered the deweaponisation of the city, something Karachiites have gone hoarse demanding as well as the depoliticisation of the administration. It has also formed a committee to monitor the citys law and order situation. Even though it will take a while to sort all the problems out, the SC deserves praise that all the henceforth known stumbling blocks in the maintenance of law and order have now become certified judicial facts and patronising of criminals by political parties will no longer be as acceptable as before. Postscript: The citizens of Karachi, used to the travails of their unfortunate city, continue to pursue and promote literary events at every opportunity. An evening to celebrate the works of Amir Khusro is being held this month and an International Urdu Conference has recently concluded. Likewise, Islamabad will be presenting a tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz at the end of the month and Lahore too is continuously busy in the special events that showcase our writers and poets. Fortunately, there still remain a few people at the helm of affairs in the cutthroat, no nonsense corporate world who, because of their personal passion for scholarly pursuits, create sponsorship budgets (even when none exist) to make such events happen. A serious effort is being made, with a lot of encouragement from PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) to develop a digital archive to preserve the literary heritage created by Pakistani writers, poets and artists. The effort will enable people to comprehend and enjoy the personal journey and expression of each of the chosen personalities, and through that, our indigenous ethos. Such an archive will be available to students, researchers and the public at large. As the world shrinks and all required information becomes digitally reachable, this particular archive will present the real face of our tormented region. The clarity of vision, the creativity of expression, the richness of thought and the depth of ideas of the likes of Iqbal, Faiz, Ashfaq Ahmad, Sadequain, and so many others will serve as a constant source of inspiration - kabhi hum bhi khubsoorat thai. The writer is a public relations and event management professional based in Islamabad. Email: tallatazim@yahoo.com