ISLAMABAD- Responding to the PTI chief Imran Khan’s criticism on government, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid said that Imran Khan should go to the United States to stage sit-in

protest against drone attacks, alleging that Imran Khan remained silent over Taliban’s terrorism.

In a statement, Pervaiz Rashid said that Imran Khan was that naïve friend who was harming the country.

He said that Imran Khan’s bravery disappears in front of terrorists. The minister said that Imran Khan was angry because Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir cause in the United Nations. He said that those who were harming Pakistan’s economy through their politics are also Pakistan’s enemies.

Pervaiz Rashid said Imran Khan should go to US and stage sit-in protest there. “Why doesn’t Imran Khan protest against those drone attacks that the terrorists do in the form of suicide bombing?” he asked.