UNITED NATIONS- At the UN General Assembly Plenary Pakistan today expressed deep concern over the recent escalation of violations of the cease fire at the Line of Control and the Working Boundary by the Indian security forces.

Ambassador Masood Khan said that as a result of the Indian firing yesterday, four innocent lives were lost on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Pakistan called upon the Indian Government to immediately cease fire and help us preserve tranquility and that UNMOGIP must be enabled to play its role in monitoring the ceasefire.

Ambassador Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at UN while participating in the debate on UN Secretary General’s Report on the Work of Organization said that Pakistan was pursuing a policy of constructive engagement in the neighborhood to resolve differences and to enhance economic opportunities for the region. 

He said that longstanding, festering issues cannot be swept under the carpet. “As Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said before this Assembly: The core issue of Jammu and Kashmir has to be resolved though negotiations, in accordance with the wishes of its people. In this regard, he reminded the United Nations of its own responsibility”, he added.

Pakistani envoy said that in Afghanistan, Pakistan has welcomed the formation of the new Government. “Pakistan will steadfastly work with Afghanistan to fight terrorism and to create new opportunities for collaboration in the industrial, trade, infrastructure, and energy sectors”, he added.

Pakistani envoy said that in the ongoing fight against terrorism Pakistan was determined to eliminate this threat from it’s’ soil. He added, “Our heroic armed forces are taking out terrorists, dismantling their hideouts and networks, and choking the vicious sources that feed them. Our entire nation stands united to defeat this evil force and its ideology of hate”.

On UN reform, Pakistan reiterated that it should be comprehensive and that the Security Council should reflect the interests of all member states - small, medium-sized and large - and not the ambitions of a few. He recalled what the Prime Minister of Pakistan told this Assembly last month: “There should be no new permanent seats in the Council. This will be contrary to the democratic character of this world body”.

Pakistan expressed support to the efforts of the international community to oppose the reign of terror unleashed by the ISIS, a phenomenon that does not have sanction of any religion or denomination and stressed the need to steer warring forces in Syria towards dialogue and reconciliation.

Pakistan called on the Quartet to revive the stalled peace talks to free Palestinian prisoners, lift the blockade ofGaza, and reach agreement on Palestine’s fully sovereign statehood.

Ambassador Khan assured that Pakistan, as a top troop contributor, would continue to put its peacekeepers at the disposal of the UN. He said that only recently, Pakistan has deployed more than 1,100 troops to the Central African Republic to help stabilize the situation there.

Pakistani envoy said that along with Denmark and Norway, Pakistan would continue to steer and support the efforts of the Group of Friends of Sustainable Energy for All to promote universal access, to improve energy efficiency and to increase the ratio of alternate energy in the overall energy mix.