In our society, we stumble upon different schools of thought and different beliefs. People carry multiple opinions regarding every aspect of life. Perspectives play a very important role in bringing change in our society. Every perspective forms a different ideology and explicitly or implicitly we implement it in our daily life.

Specifically in Pakistan, conservatism and liberalism is something which is very prominent. The main difference between liberals and conservatives is how they anticipate future and how much of the past/present should be taken in consideration for future. Liberals are accommodating and they strictly believe in the notion of change. On the other hand, conservatives are less concerned about the change, they merely emphasise upon the customs and traditions that are being practised in our society since long.

They both have different opinions due to the different experiences they have had. Their perspectives are being shaped due to the different amount of challenges they encounter. Conservatives innately face a lot of dominance and for them present and past is appropriate or convenient. They are ready to embrace old customs and traditions without raising any question because to them, they are suitable. But sometimes one should open their mind to change knowing the difference between right and wrong. Conservatives are more likely to give importance to the already defines rules regarding family, race, nation and religion.

In Pakistan, liberals tend to be more outward and try to follow western norms that are judged by conservatives and they label them as unconventional. But some of these liberals are trying hardly to bring positive change in society in terms of some lethal issues like honour killing. dowry, child labour, etc,. People who are struggling to bring change eventually face a lot of suppression. The ones who adhere to old beliefs and customs receive more appreciation and acceptance in society.

Liberals prefer the phenomena of ‘progress and change’ while conservatives welcome orthodox thoughts of ‘tried and true’.In Pakistan, liberalism is somehow associated to media and fame.

In my opinion, on social grounds, liberalism is all about non- discrimination and a greater degree of self expression or personal freedom, as long as any harm is not done to society norms.


Jhang, October 1.