Winston Churchill once remarked: “India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the equator.” These remarks seem quite historic and appear to have been delivered with some foresight. India today is one billion plus people divided along the fault lines of regions, languages, culture, ethnicity and above all, the predatory cast system. The Assam turmoil is just tip of the iceberg - there are hundreds of Assamese simmering under the belly of ‘Shining India’ - almost ripe to explode and expose India’s real face to the whole world. The Indian media and the establishment can neither swallow the reality nor hide it, despite that it goes against the ‘Shining India’ policy. But this is the time of social media; you cannot hide the reality, even in an undemocratic Middle East.Here are a few glimpses of what is happening in the Silicon Valley of India. According to The Hindu: “South India - which has never seen non-locals fleeing the region for fear of their lives - continued to witness the unprecedented exodus of citizens from the northeast on Thursday, with thousands from Chennai too rushing to the railway station to take the train home. In Bangalore, where it all began, their flight continued unabated with 7,500 more people boarding four Guwahati-bound trains - three special trains apart from the regular Bangalore-Guwahati Express. On Thursday evening, nearly 3,000 workers and students, mostly from Assam, were seen waiting at Chennai Central, eager to board the two Guwahati-bound trains that were scheduled for departure at 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Friday. A number of them had arrived from Coimbatore and Madurai. ‘Nothing has happened till now, but we are very sure something really bad is going to happen. Our Bangalore friends have said we have to leave before August 20’, said Bishnu, 21, who hails from Dibrugarh and works as a waiter in a restaurant in Chennai.”What the establishment of India (RAW + militant wings of Congress + RSS) did not realise was that you cannot do social engineering experiments in Assam without a backlash from other communities living on the periphery (Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Occupied Kashmir, Himachal, Kerala, and West Bengal).You, probably, cannot be selective in forcing Muslims out of Assam (and still blame them for it) and get away with it in other states. India is too complicated for these games, and in this age of information explosion, the rumour travels faster than the law enforcement agencies of the Indian Union.The latest pictures emerging out of India are not very encouraging. According to the Times of India: “Thousands of panic-stricken people from the northeast herded together at Bangalore’s central railway station for the second day…….to head home amid reported threats from vigilante groups that they would be attacked if they remained in the city. A senior railway official said about 6,000 people left for the northeast by two special trains…….The exodus is linked to the clashes between Bodo tribals and Muslims in Assam in which at least 77 people have been killed since July 20…….The stabbing of a Tibetan college student in Mysore…….may have added to the fear. Most of those leaving Bangalore - Hindus and Christians - are college students or people from the poor sections of the city’s three-lakh-strong population of northeasterners.”The funniest thing in this entire exodus episode is the traditional finger pointing at the ISI of Pakistan, whose name appeared on the naked arms of Veena Malik, reflecting a classical third rate RAW modus operandi. The Indian media has started the mantra that this was the handiwork of the ISI and Bangladeshi intelligence. As the Indian establishment tried to calm the public, one worried person remarked in the Times of India: “What the heck? You people still are thinking it as rumours. People are beaten up every now and then; you don't want to be the 2nd or 3rd person to be killed. One Tibetan was already stabbed in Mysore mistaking him to be NE India. Hundreds have been beaten up now and then in many of the cities, with intention to kill. And you just write it off as rumours. Ask the police to register an FIR first and you would know the gravity. Nobody trusts the security in those cities, that's why people are leaving.”I think we need to reflect on this trend; the triggering of exodus of non-locals from peripheral states could snowball into mass migration of different ethnic communities, a Rwanda at a grand scale. Bharat Verma’s latest book on the Indian fault lines, and our previous article titled India’s fault lines and seven sister, confirm Churchill’s thesis that India is no more united nation than the equator.The writers are freelance columnists based in Zimbabwe.Email: