LAHORE - Special Squad of the City District Government on Monday arrested four persons from different areas, recovering 450 kilogram injurious to health meat.

The squad got registered FIRs against four persons with Lytton Road, Lower Mall, Islampura and Shafiqabad Police Stations. The squad destroyed the injurious to health meat. DCO Capt ® Muhammad Usman has congratulated the team for successful raids in Malik Park, Amin Park, Chowk Chuburji and Neeli Bar Chowk and directed to continue operation against illegal slaughtering and sale of substandard and injurious to health meat.

On September 3, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed that indiscriminate crackdown on elements involved in sale of substandard, unhygienic, dead and Haram meat should be continued throughout the province.

He said that the heinous trade of unhygienic, diseased, dead and Haram meat will not be tolerated and the elements involved deserve no leniency.

He said the collusion between the mafias involved in the sale of dead and Haram meat and adulterated and substandard items will be eliminated and this evil business will be rooted out at any cost.