Islamabad - Political leaders have appreciated the commendable role played by the armed forces in the war of 1965 and paid glowing tributes to their sacrifices to the cause of the country. Talking to Radio Pakistan, Senator Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum Khan said, “Our armed forces bravely defended the integrity of our country in 1965 war and defeated the enemy. Armed forces of Pakistan were less in number and having lesser ammunition at that time.

PML-N leader Maiza Hameed said, “6th September is our Defence Day and we must salute our armed force over their achievements. We must appreciate them for their efforts in defeating external enemy and also for their efforts in national disaster managements.

We were celebrating 50 years of our victory against enemy and, I believe, our youth must participate in it. We need to remember sacrifices of our forefathers. They sacrificed their lives for our sake and for our prosperous futures.”

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Senator Mushahid said, “6th of September was a day of judgment as Pakistan forces defeated the enemy at all forums. The Defence Day of Pakistan necessitates and reposes a trust on Pakistani nation to face the adverse situation with courage and vigour.

We must promise as a nation that we would defeat the aggression of enemy with same strength as we did in 1965. We have witnessed the very courage, spirit and enthusiasm again in our nation and armed forces after the lapse of 50 years under the leadership of General Raheel Sharif.”

PML-N leader Shakeela Luqman said, “My message to nation about Defence Day was to keep your spirit high and materialize the dreams of our founding fathers. Our armed forces are one the best in the world and our enemy is well aware of this fact. It will never ever try to repeat the mistake which it made in 1965.”