New Delhi: Following Pakistani troops' firing in Poonch, Kashmir, using rocket propelled grenades and mortars, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy today said that India would never want to declare a war against Pakistan.

He also said that if Pakistan desires war, India is ready for it. This time we will break Pakistan into 4 pieces, says Subramanian Swamy. "

Pakistan has no power. It is frustrated and weak. Their civilian government is useless. It's a dummy government. If the military wants a war, we are ready, but we are not going to declare a war," Swamy told ANI. Advertisement

"We have always been a country which has never gone to war with anybody, unless the war is forced on us," he added. As per a Hindi daily, Bhaskar, Subramanian Swamy said.

"India would never declare war on Pakistan, but if Pak military wants it, we are ready for it." "Pakistan government is useless, lacks confidence and frustrated. India is confident. We already ripped them into two last time, next time we will break them into four pieces," Swamy further said as per the daily.

Courtesy One India