ISLAMABAD - The commission on missing persons is probing missing workers cases of MQM, said Commission head Justice (R) Javed Iqbal yesterday. While talking to The Nation he said the body members are thoroughly investigating the matter.

Although the MQM’s claim of its 150 missing workers has categorically been dismissed by the PML-N government, the Commission on Missing Persons has also separately probed nearly 75 percent of such cases.

The probing body, which has started work on the request of UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance to ascertain the genuineness of the cases, will compile its report after completion of the investigation.

The commission started work on the missing workers of MQM a couple of months ago. The body has also held number of meetings with MQM’s senior members.

Talking to The Nation, MQM’s senior member Waseem Akhtar said that the commission is in contact with the MQM.

“The commission is making its own efforts to probe the matter. Let’s see what the findings are,” said Akhtar while expressing annoyance over the performance of the federal government in this matter.

He said that 150 workers have been missing since the last two years. “Since the start of the Karachi operation our 150 workers are missing,” he said. About the return to assemblies to start parliamentary politics, Akhtar said, that MQM would not rejoin parliamentary politics till fulfilment of their demands. “We (MQM) are not allowed to collect hides. Our chief’s speech is banned, so under such circumstances how can we start parliamentary politics,” he said.

The Commission on Missing Persons is also dealing with around 1300 cases from different areas of the country. A number of cases disposed off by the commission were not found genuine, as they were kidnapping for ransom and rival group clashes.