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An eight-grader was allegedly 'gang-sodomised' by five accused and pictured him in objectionable condition. They also threatened the victim to keep mum lest they will "upload the photos on social media."

The Baghdadul Jadeed Police have registered a case against the accused and arrested them.

The 15-year-old victim, an eight-grader at Government High School Satellite Town, Bahawalpur, was invited to his home by his 16-year-old friend Ahsan Ali. When he reached the house, four other persons, age between 20 to 25 years, were already present there.

They stripped the teenager of clothes and allegedly 'gang sodomised' him. They also made his pictures in objectionable condition with their cellphones. The 'molesters' threatened the victim 'with dire consequences'... and uploading the photos on internet.... "if he tells anyone what happened to him."

He, however, returned home with 'heavy heart' and remained quiet but his father sensed "there was something wrong with his son." He inquired from the son what has happened to him but he remained silent. Upon insistence of his father, the victim told his father the 'whole story.' The man went to Baghdadul Jadeed Police SHO Irfran Akbar and informed him about the incident but appeared reluctant to register FIR against the alleged abusers. The police officer somehow managed to gain his trust and asked him that if "he is not going to lodge a case against what has happened to his son, it might happen to someone else in the future." The police registered a case against the alleged abusers on the complaint of the 'ill-fated father.'

SHO Irfan Akbar constituted a special team under the supervision of ASI Akhtar Ghuloo which arrested the 'criminals' within few hours.

ASI Akhtar Ghuloo said that the alleged abuser ---- namely Shani Ganjoo, Shani Podri, Shahzad Buddi, Shafqat and Ahsan Ali have been involved in such activities in the past. "They used Ali to call the victim to his house where they subjected the teenager to this act; this is modus operandi of the accused and now they will have to face the consequences," he pointed out.

He said that further revelations are expected from the alleged abusers during the interrogation.