Los Angeles

Kate Hudson was given her first pair of high heels by her famous mother Goldie Hawn at just 12 years old. The 36-year-old actress has admitted she used to raid her mother Goldie Hawn’s wardrobe and totter about in her stilettos, so the stunning actress, 69, splashed out on a pair of red shoes with a one-inch heel for her on her graduation.

Speaking to Jimmy Choo, Kate said: ‘’I must have been twelve when I got my first pair of high heels and it was graduation. My mum didn’t let me wear heels back then, but I used to go in her closet and try hers on, of course.

‘’I wore a sundress that had a big skirt and it was white with little cherries on it. My mum bought me my first pair of high heels that day, they must have only been an inch or so. ‘’They were bright red and she gave them to me all wrapped up. I was so happy! So my first pair of heels were bright red pumps, which I couldn’t have been more excited about.’’

Kate is now fronting Jimmy Choo’s autumn/winter 2015 ballet-inspired campaign, which is something close to her heart. She explained: ‘’I grew up dancing. ‘’My mum put me in dance classes since I was three years old and I did ballet up until 12 before she allowed me to take more types of dance, like lyrical.’’