LAHORE - International Poultry Expo, organized by the Pakistan Poultry Association for the last many years, have been playing a landmark role for the progress of poultry industry which is presently registering a growth of around 10 percent when all other sectors of the country are recording almost stagnant growth.

This was stated by Pakistan Poultry Association chairman Dr Mustafa Kamal while addressing press briefing regarding International Poultry Expo 2015.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal said that Pakistan Poultry Association’s largest three days International Poultry Expo IPEX 2015 is being held at Expo Center Lahore from 10-12 September. Hundreds of thousands of people are visiting the mega show while a large number of companies associated with the poultry industry from over twelve countries of the world will showcase their products in the fair. This is evidence of the growing interest of people in poultry sector, he said. Government’s initiative to ban the slaughter of female animals is good however to fill the gap between the demand and supply, poultry is the best option. Government should also take proper care of the industry that has 40% share of the meat market.

He said that chicken meat is the best option in the current circumstances which is not only rich in nutrition but is undoubtedly halal meat. He added that China is investing over $50 billion in Pakistan’s poultry industry.

International Poultry Expo 2015 chief organizer Abdul Haye Mehta said that once poultry industry was being run in traditional way but now the situation has entirely changed and the industry is rapidly growing following international standards. He said that IPEX2015 will be a milestone for poultry industry. It caters the interest of all, from common man to scientists. Abdul Haye Mehta said the international standard is 27 grams of protein daily per person and we use 17 grams here in Pakistan. To meet this shortage, poultry meat is the best and cheapest solution. Mehta revealed that China is investing over Rs50 billion in Pakistan poultry industry. He foresees poultry production doubled in the next ten years. Pakistan Poultry Association Secretary Major Javed Bukhari said that IPEX has a legacy of seventeen years. And this year too, the domestic and foreign individuals and companies have expressed serious interest in it.