LAHORE : Progressive & Lahore Businessmen Front Alliance (PLBFA) has announced to fully participate in the shutter down announced for September 09, 2015 by the traders community against imposition of 0.6 per cent withholding tax on banking transactions.

PLBFA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Amjad and President Khalid Usman announced this while addressing a press conference at its central secretariat here on Monday. He was accompanied by Ejaz Tanveer, Abdul Wadood Alvi, Sardar Usman Ghani, Raja Hassan Akhtar and Customs Clearing Agents Association (CCAA) President Masood Butt.

Speaking to the electronic and print media, Ch. Muhammad Amjad and Khalid Usman said government seemed to be ready to crush businessmen and industrialists who are the main source of every increasing revenues of the government. They stated that businessmen had never refused to pay taxes but the government instead of screwing those who were already in the net should bring new people in to the tax net.

PLBFA leadership also criticized the ruling group in the LCCI and alleged that they sided with the government instead of supporting the traders on imposition of the withholding tax. They said that this tax had not only made life of the traders miserable but also destroyed the whole banking sector and now it was facing a collective loss of Rs 878 billion.

Chaudhry Muhammad Amjad and Khalid Usman assured the traders’ organization who had given the call for a strike on September 09, to fully support their call and remain with them till the achievement of objectives of their movement. They also appealed the traders to fully participate in the strike sinking all their political and personal interests so that government should get a strong message.

They also claimed that imposition of 0.6 per cent withholding tax should leave negative impact on the national economy and multiply the hardships being faced by the masses.

PLBFA candidates for corporate and associate class in the forthcoming LCCI elections were also present on this occasion.