LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday ordered the Punjab government to pay twelve years old pension arrears to the retired government officials along with promised 40 per cent increase in it.

Justice Faisal Zaman of the LHC passed the order on a number of petitions filed by pensioners. The judge observed that the Punjab government could not exploit pensioners after the Supreme Court’s judgment.

Advocate Samra Malik, the petitioners’ counsel, told the judge that the government had introduced a policy in 2001 which assured the pensioners that if they would submit their half pension with the government for twelve years they would be paid back their arrears with 40 percent increase in their pensions.

The counsel said that the government now had refused to pay the pension with promised 40 percent increase. He further pointed out that the Punjab government was paying double to the pensioners who used to pay their pension with the government for last 15 years.

Now the government was using payment of double amount to the pensioners of 15 years policy as base to deny the arrears of the pensioners of 12 years policy. The court directed Secretary finance and accountant general Punjab to pay arrears of pensioners of 12-years policy with 40 percent increase.

New taxes on cars case sent to CJ: Justice Shahid Karim of the Lahore High Court on Monday sent to the Chief Justice for fixing before any other bench a petition challenging new taxes on cars and vehicles. The judge referred the petition on the request of the petitioner.

A lawyer petitioner Azhar Siddique had filed the petition. The petitioner requested the judge to refer the petition to any other bench as the judge was hearing election matters. The petitioner submitted that the government had imposed many taxes on vehicles taxes including the registration fee and other taxes. He alleged that the government instead of spending the tax income on public welfare had been using it for its own protocol, which was illegal.

The government had failed to provide free medicine at hospitals and got published an ad on newspaper for the collection of donation for emergency services institution 1122.

Billions of rupees had also been allocated for Metro bus on the other side which showed the priorities and intention of the government, the petitioner pleaded.

He prayed the court to set aside the new taxes including fee on vehicles.