Those playing with the public life should not only be fined heavily but should be sent behind the bar, DCO Muhammad Usman said on Monday.

Addressing a meeting of the district officers, the DCO constituted Special Task Force for both the tehsils and district for a crackdown on restaurants and eateries selling and preparing unhygienic foodstuffs.

EDO (Health) Dr Muhammad Aslam Shaheen, DO (Cord) Shahid Ismail, AC Hafizabad Umar Farooq Warraich and AC Pindi Bhattian Saeed Ahmad Khan attended the meeting.

He directed the Livestock Department officers to check the slaughtering of sick animals and take serious action against the vendors selling unhygienic meat. The DCO also directed the TMA to take immediate steps to eliminate pye-dogs and improve sanitary conditions in the city promptly.

EDO (Health) and ACs told the DCO that 27 violators of Pure Food Act have been put behind the bar for preparing and supplying unhygienic food to their consumers and total fine of Rs1,47,500 has been realised from them. They further told the meeting that they would accelerate the campaign against quacks and take serious action against the medical stores selling fake, prohibited and outdated medicines.

Withdrawal of Drugs Ord 2015 demanded: The chemists and druggists yesterday protested against the imposition of Punjab Drugs Ordinance 2015 and called upon the government to withdraw it immediately to provide relief to them.

Addressing a press conference, Azhar Qayyum Cheema President Hafizabad Chemists and Druggists Association and Khalid Akhtar General Secretary, said that the Drugs Ordinance 2015 has created harassment among owners of the medical stores. They said that if the ordinance is not withdrawn, the medical store owners would be constrained to resort to shutdown against the government.