LAHORE-Think bridal and it conjures up images of colours, celebration, sensuousness and the one place that was synonymous with all three was the PFDC Bridal Fashion Week.

The ethos of bridal wear is inherent to Pakistan with colours, fabrics and embellishments. In Pakistan, Fashion weeks are gaining recognition to many designers and are driving the business of bridal fashion locally and internationally.

Some of the known bridal names were lacking but connoisseurs of fashion are not complaining as the event provided the right platform to build their brands. Targeting core customers, the fashion week aimed to satisfy the requirements of a luxurious wedding.

As front row-fashionistas were getting drowsy due to late nights and delay, HSY collection in grand finale gave us a full surprise with a live performance by Indie-folk band Khumariyaan. It was like a dose of caffeine for all those who dozed off to sleep. He showcased his collection titled ‘Zmarei’, which was a tribute to the powerful modern woman of today, the fearless and dynamic generation of strong women.

“Whenever I look at the women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), I cannot imagine how much inner strength and resilience these women have put up to be where they are in their lives. Their challenges are two folds and so is their strength. This collection is a tribute to those lionesses,” said HSY.

The final day of PLBW18 started with early evening grouped bridal showcases featuring Tabya Khan, Ahmad Sultan, Mehroze Saboor and IVY Couture. This was followed by evening bridal showcases featuring a solo show by Faraz Manan, a grouped bridal showcase featuring Nickie Nina, Hira Ali Studios and Republic by Omar Farooq. The evening ended with a grand finale solo showcase by HSY, as summarized below.

Speaking at the show as Loreal Paris Hair Cair Spokesperson, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said, “One year on my perspective has changed a little bit. It’s very easy to pick on people. I think we can all do with a little bit of sensitivity. We live in a world where it’s so important to think before we speak, think before we comment, think before we judge, please let’s be better. Let’s uplift each other. Women uplift women. Men uplift men. Men uplift women, women uplift men.”

“I strongly believe that empowering women with better education, being sensitive towards their wellbeing, health, happiness, ensuring equal opportunities and respecting their rights will go a long way in transforming Pakistan. Here is to all women knowing that they truly are worth it,” she continued.

Supermodel & Loreal Paris Spokesperson Mehreen Syed said, “I feel lucky in life to be associated with a brand like Loreal which genuinely believes in empowering women worldwide to feel confident to control their own lives through, education, employment and economic uplift. This year ‘Beauty for a Better Life’ program will enable 500 women from underprivileged socio-economic background including women who are challenged by physical disabilities to gain free of cost beauty training, provide employment opportunities and regain their self-esteem.” 

Faraz Manan

Faraz Manan has been making waves both locally and internationally – especially in Middle East and emirates- with his vision of melding his own eastern ethos with a contemporary western vibe.

His latest collection ‘AlHambra’ at PLBW featured forty pieces including select menswear pieces. Ruffled sleeves, full skirts, embellished suits and gowns were the main highlights of the collection. Super model Mehreen Syed graced the ramp for the designer wearing an emerald green gown. The colour palette included blush, sandstone, terra cotta, jewel tones mainly inspired by the colours and architecture of AlHambra itself. Overall the collection was hit with an antiquity of the riches.

Ahmed Sultan

Ahmed Sultan collection titled ‘Nazrana-e-Ishq’ was a narrative on modern, wearable luxury. True to its brands DNA, he featured a fusion aesthetic, designed across the colour palette with shades of red and gold. Reinvent classic silhouettes with a modern twist by making use of traditional embroideries with modern 3D work were the main highlights of the collection. TV actress Aiman Khan participated in the designer’s showcase as a celebrity showstopper.

IVY Couture

IVY couture impressed the crowd with a beautifully staged show of their bridal collection at PLBW. Based in a vivid colour scheme the collection featured geometric shapes. The silhouettes for the collection have been modernised and yet the old world charm was reflected through the signature handcrafted techniques. With delicate embroideries and fine craftsmanship, the collection exudes elegance and grace. Musicians Jimmy Khan, Lucky Ji and Naghma performed their hit song ‘Baalkada’ for the show and gorgeous actress Mawra Hocane walked the ramp as a celebrity showstopper.

Tabya Khan

The final day early evening grouped bridal showcases was opened by Tabya Khan with her bridal collection ‘Jasmin’. Based in shades of pink, the collection used luxury fabrics such as organza, nets and tissue. JPNA2 actress Sarwat Gillani dazzled the ramp as a celebrity showstopper for the designer.

Nickie Nina

The designer duo collection titled “Noor Mahal’ was a glorious offering for the most important day of the bride’s life. In the collection, chunri and block prints have been delicately worked with intricate imagery from Southern Punjab. Cigarette pants and tapered shalwars were the main highlight of the collection.

Hira Ali Studios

Using bold imagery the bridal collection of Hira Ali titled ‘Snap Trapped’ had a fabulous element of fun and was bang-on wooing the young audience. Overall it was truly trendy, blingy, funky and very wearable. The color palette was based in vibrant hues while the silhouettes comprise of traditional pieces with modern utility to add a contemporary twist.

Republic by Omar Farooq

Undoubtedly one of the most talented designer of Pakistan who has always manage to think out of the box, Omar Farooq’s collection ‘Hunar’ was inspired by the eclectic ancient art and architecture of the subcontinent and aimed to bring the intricate detailing and unique artistry of the Mughal era to life. The entire collection was put together through classic silhouettes in a range of subdued pastel shades. Featuring menswear mainly, the collection saw printed waistcoats, Sherwani’s and formal suits.


HSY collection ‘Zmarei’ featured channelled swirling hemlines, gold edgings, and delicate paisley motifs with detailed design. It projected silhouettes of flowing organza, draped watercolour silks, structured raw silk and rich velvet textures. Models wearing turbans, sunglasses and even headphones around their necks grabbed everybody’s attention in the show.