KARACHI         -     The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Saturday conducted a Full Scale Airport Emergency Exercise 2019 at Jinnah International Airport.

According to the organisers, the purpose of the exercise was to test the response level of all the concerned agencies working at the airport in accordance with the Crisis and Emergency Response Plan (CERP) in case of any accident / incident.

An aircraft of Pakistan International Airline was available for demonstration of emergency evacuation of passengers. Besides, concerned branches of CAA, PIA, local airlines, Edhi and Chipa Ambulances also participated in the exercise.

During the media briefing, Airport Manager CAA JIAP, Imran Khan said that the exercise was conducted as per International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards after every two years that helped in ascertaining the capabilities and checking the response time of Fire & Rescue personnel.

He said that usually the standard response time of fire and rescue personnel towards such incidents is two minutes but it is a matter of satisfaction that response time of today’s exercise was one minute and seventeen seconds only.

Assistant Chief Security Officer of Airport Security Force Abbas Memon also spoke on the occasion and expressed his satisfaction on arrangements of the exercise. .

The Full Scale Exercise-2019 was started at 1130 hours. Fire vehicles of CAA reached at the fire site within one minutes seventeen second 43 seconds earlier than the standard response time of 2 minutes) to extinguish the fire. Rescue workers of CAA, Edhi and Chipa ambulances, doctors and paramedics reached at the aircraft quickly and demonstrated evacuation of passengers from the aircraft in a professional way.