DADU - People of Dadu and its surrounding areas on Sunday take to the streets against prolonged power outages in the city.

It has been noticed that with the advent of summers, people are braving 16 to 18-hour unannounced loadshedding across Dadu districts. The situation is particularly grave in Johi Tehsil, Mehar Tehsil and Khairpur Nathan Shah.

Speaking to protesters, businessmen Doctor Abdul Jabbar, Inayat Jamali, Ghulam Abas Vighio, and others said such prolonged power breakdowns were a gross injustice with the people.

They said their businesses and trade had come to a halt due to loadshedding, causing them loss of millions of rupees. The speakers requested Sepco to curtail loadshedding by at least avoiding it during school timings, as there were no generators in most of the schools.

Meanwhile, a seminar was held at the office of District Health Officer on scorching heat with low level of humidity.

DHO Ashfaq Ahmed Soomro advised the locals to adopt precautionary measures against the heat stroke. He further told that as a result of sizzling heat people experienced  hardships in carrying out their routine work.


Prolonged power outages have paralyzed the daily life in the city for last two weeks.

These views were expressed by Citizens Rights Commission Mirpurkhas office-bearers Arshad Khan and Maqsood Rajput while addressing the protest demonstration held in Bhansinghabad area on Sunday.

Protesters also blocked the Mirwah Road and raised slogans against the Hesco officials. They blamed that Hesco officials were involved in power theft and also issued the illegal detection bills without any cause to cover their line losses and power theft.

They further said that inflated power bills had caused disturbance the life of the masses and alleged that overbilling was also witnessed in the areas.

They blamed that due to long power outages business activities suspended.

They said the Hesco officials increased loadshedding up to 16 hours.

They demanded the Hesco chief to take immediate notice and order impartial inquiry, withdraw the illegal detection bills and punish the responsible officials.