KAMALIA - Every motorist should abide by the traffic rules to save his and others' lives on roads, said Traffic Wardens Shift In-charge Ahmed Karim Bhatti.

Talking to The Nation, he said that the traffic police department had launched a campaign against the violators of traffic principles. He stated that the entry of heavy traffic was prohibited in Kamalia City, and adding that as many as 56 drivers were challaned during the previous month for violation of this rule.

He added that two drivers were booked for over-speeding, 18 transporters for violating route permit, 40 vehicle owners for overloading, 20 drivers for reckless driving and 325 persons were handed challans for using mobile phone while driving during the past month. He told that a big amount collected through traffic challans had been deposited in national treasury during the past month. He pointed out that traffic rules were necessary to protect the lives and property of all citizens. "So, indiscriminate action against those who violate traffic laws will continue," he stated.


It has been observed in a recent public poll that the sale of substandard red chilli powder and gram flour has gained momentum in Kamalia City and adjoining areas. People have complained that due to the negligence of food authority and relevant administrative departments, fake and substandard red chilli powder and gram flour is being sold all over the city by the shopkeepers for the sake of a little profit. There has been a surge in digestive disorders among the citizens due to consumption substandard foodstuff. People are suffering from diseases related to stomach and liver while the Punjab Food Authority and other relevant institutions are not keen in taking action despite knowledge of the grave situation. The citizens have demanded the DG Punjab Food Authority and DC Toba Tek Singh take immediate action against those playing with public health.